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Sassy La Femme

Join women like me who have found a way to #pausethemenopause and others who #pausetheperiodpain

Three women and an image of LaBalance

Sassy La Femme

Join women like me who have found a way to #pausethemenopause and others who #pausetheperiodpain

A very warm welcome to Sassy La Femme and the home of LaBalance where we’re All About the Girl

I'm Angela Day-Moore

Being 54 years young, I’m in the height of my menopause, and was feeling like I had been run over by a steam train! With the HRT weight gain and mood swings I felt that I had no control over my body…

Hello, I'm Jess Lamerton

My periods started when I was 12 years old, and they were not friendly. For 5 days every month for 6 years, I was in a lot of pain. I often couldn’t get out of bed and had to take days off school and work…

Sassy La Femme is the home of LaBalance (formerly known as LadyCarePlus & MN8) a powerful two piece magnetic device invented by Derek Price in 2006 with menstrual and menopausal women in mind. An invention way ahead of its years, helping so many menopausal women struggling with their symptoms and young ladies with the dreaded PMT’s.

I came across LadyCarePlus by chance, when I was at a crossroads and in the height of my menopause.

It has changed my life, giving me back my body, so it is a great privilege to continue Derek’s legacy to share with as many women as possible, this phenomenon created by a man but now being championed by a woman. And yes, perhaps LaBalance is something we cannot fully explain, but it could help you dramatically like it has me and I was skeptical too!

So, from one woman to another, why not have an open mind and give it a go!!

This is Generation Menopause

1 billion women will be of menopausal age globally by 2025..

We want to help grow the movement towards openly discussing the menopause and celebrating it as the next stage in a woman’s life, not the end, just part of the journey.

LaBalance has helped so many menopausal women who are struggling! this is our time to help eachother!! Sharing our knowledge and experiences….please see our testimonials.

So as one woman to another…why not have an open mind and give it a go!

Other products coming soon…

Sassy La Femme will have a beautiful range of menopause products to complement LaBalance launching anytime soon..


It’s a wonderful natural alternative option and many women
will notice a difference within the first 21 days.

But you must wear it 24/7

Renaming the Brand

Why change the name? well, LadyCare & MN8 having a new female owner, wanted a fresh look and a name you could remember and be comfortable talking about. So, I reached out to various focus groups, mum’s, menopausal women and teenage girls with feedback on the name and having two products in market, the same all but in colour, making it slightly confusing in our modern world.

I decided to take the leap of faith in ‘us ladies’ knowing we would understand that one product can assist and address the two crippling issues we face throughout the different stages of our lives.

This amazing yet powerful little device, eliminated all my menopause symptoms, but, could also aid my friends daughters PMT’s symptoms and my Perimenopause friends too! Simply phenomenal!!

We don’t need two names for one product!
We get it! we understand!

And so quite simply like our commitment as Sassy La Femme with the aim of our products ‘Bringing Balance Back to Your Body’…. ‘LaBalance’ was born… we hope you like our new name and will share this with our fellow ladies, who like me, have had to struggle in silence for years.

Don’t take our word for it..


Give it a go, what you got to lose.!!!

Shamazing! A fabulous remedy that’s
needs to be tried to believe that it actually
works! Well it Work’s for me and I have
suffered since I was a Teenager and im in
my Thirties now!”

– Sarah Lou

Simply return the device, in its original packaging with your
receipt, within 90 days of purchase

Our Promise

As part of the Sassy La Femme commitment to our fellow Ladies, I have introduced a 90 day money back guarantee, so long as you stick to the plan of wearing it 24/7 for 90 days you should hopefully be successful! but if you are disappointed with the results of continuous wearing, it is only fair to reimburse and I thank you for trying your LaBalance.

Everyone’s body is different, its called ‘bio-individuality’ and so everyone has slightly different results – but please see our testimonials, we have 1000’s from women over the years thats Derek’s LadyCare and MN8 have made a significant impact on improving their lives.. and we will continue to do so as LaBalance.

So as one woman to another, why not have an open mind and give it a go!!


We believe that menopause isn’t talked about enough. It’s time to fight the taboo and celebrate this phase of womanhood.
Our wide range of resources aim to provide you with support, guidance and insights to help you navigate your menopause with ease.

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