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About LaBalance & How LaBalance May Help You

Maybe you’re not keen on the idea of taking meds when your premenstrual tension (PMT) hits? Or, perhaps you’re just at the beginning of your menopause journey, and you’ve tried HRT and didn’t get on with it. Try LaBalance

Have you heard about LaBalance?

LaBalance may help so many women who are struggling with period woes or on those who are their journey to menopause. In fact, there are over one million women in the UK who’ve worn or are already wearing theirs. So, why not try it and potentially become one of many women who swear by LaBalance?

For me it changed the whole menopause experience and by taking control, normalised my life! And Jess swears it’s made her last teenage years so much easier.

What is LaBalance?

Three women and an image of LaBalance

LaBalance is a small, directional magnetic device which easily attaches comfortably to your undies. No one will know you’re wearing it, only you. It uses directional magnetism and may help you feel like you again. It did for Jess and me. You wear it all day and all night. Frankly it’s so neat and comfy you’ll forget it’s even there.

LaBalance is very discreet!

It’s easy to attach, just pop it on your underwear approximately 4 inches underneath your belly button (an inch to the left or right is fine), placing the large, curved part of the device against your skin. The magnetic button secures it in place.

What's in The Box?

With your LaBalance purchase we include the device along with two directional device ‘buttons’. So you’ll have a spare. Handy for those forgetful moments! It also comes with a handy travel pouch.

100% Natural

LaBalance by Sassy La Femme is a non-medical device, with zero chemicals or drugs involved


If you are like Jess and others who have told us it helps it may help with your monthly woes


All Stages of Menopause

If you are like me, it may banish some or all of your unpleasant symptoms too.

Our Promise

Women who have purchased a LaBalance device in the last 18 years have shared some amazing personal positive experiences online.

However, all women are different. 

We also know from the testimonies, not everyone benefits from the device in the same way. So, we offer a 100% no quibble, money back guarantee. Simply return the device, in its original packaging with your receipt, within 90 days of purchase.

Advice & Instructions

We’ve created a list of frequently asked questions that you can visit but if you can’t see the answer there, do get in touch. Our friendly, helpful customer services team will do their best to answer anything.

All Sassy La Femme products are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK.

Our Blog

We believe periods and menopause are not talked about enough. It’s time to fight the taboos and celebrate these phases of womanhood. Our range of resources aim to provide you with some support, guidance, and insights to help you navigate your transitions with ease.