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I’ve had an early menopause brought on by chemo for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. One of my friends recommended this magnet and to tell you the truth, I was a bit sceptical 🤨.........until I bought one and tried it. The hot flushes are negligible now, still get the odd one but nothing like before. I’m sleeping really well now and it’s also helping with anxiety. I appreciate it doesn’t help everyone but I’m glad I’m one of the people who benefit from using it. Thank you 😊
Michelle McLernon
I bought this yesterday, put it on straight away. I have felt a bit nausea but no flushes, I would highly recommend.
Jane McGuire
Had my ladycare for 3 week's now its bloody amazing started working after the first day 👍 highly recommend it x
Pam Henderson Ne Walker
I have been wearing mine for a month, stopped taking my Elleste Duet and I feel so much better. No more waking up through the night and no more hot flushes through the day, apart from the heatwave we are having at the moment lol, also have put on 3 stone due to menopause but now I’m actually losing weight. So I’m 100% happy with my ladycare.
Sharon Giles
ladycare has given me my life back ,it has been the best buy for me ,i tried hrt ,nd herbal remedies nothing made me feel this way like the ladycare magnet ,within two hours of wearing it my hot flushes stoppped ,i had a brilliant sleep ,woke up refreshed no aches or pains energy level is gone up ,i can face the world and its problems no bother ,thank you so much i wish i had been aware of it sooner,needs to be a biggger advert
Kath Wilson
So, I have been wearing the Ladycare plus now for 6 weeks. I decided not to write a review straight away as I was very sceptical about it, how can a magnet stop me feeling so rubbish. I have been feeling so low, terrible moods and I mean terrible, irregular periods, hot flushes and just no zest for life. So after 2 weeks of wearing it thought I should have spent my money on a new too instead but thought I would persevere and boy I’m glad I did. After 3 weeks the fog I was in started to lift , I felt better, now 6 weeks on I feel like my normal self again , happy, energetic and most importantly no mood swings, hot flushes have literally died down. I really feel happy again. Might not work for everyone but you have nothing to lose, highly recommended!
Lina Cavozzi
Hi LadyCare, I had to write and thank you so very much for this magical device. It’s a godsend. I was totally sceptical after reading the medical ‘experts’ stating that there was no basis for it to work, but as someone who has been advised against HRT due to the prevalence of breast cancer in my family, I thought I’d give it a bash. I had started having four or five hot flushes an hour, night sweats, migraines and sleepless nights and was feeling very sorry for myself. The first few days there was no change and I felt slight discomfort and was aware of a slight pulling feeling, but on day 6 I suddenly realised that I had had no flushes that day (or since!). Then my sleeping improved, (no more waking at 1:18 am every night), the night sweats have stopped and no more migraines. I’ve had it now for a month and already feel so much better. I could kiss whoever invented it! Thanks again
Hi LadyCare, I don’t normally write reviews but I had to on this … Ok so I got this magnet 6 days ago as I am peri and wasn’t sleeping due to intense heat in my face and body (no sweat) and waking up with pure anxiety in my stomach for no reason … I had aching feet and legs when I stand and felt like rubbish I looked at the reviews and decided I could try the ladycare plus … nothing to lose (but £45) So I popped it in my drawers 6 days ago and tried to forget about it … from the first night I slept better, less intense heat and no anxiety at all 🙏 Today (and this is why I am writing this) I got up and got dressed and was putting on my makeup and I felt burning hot, I thought the heating had come on so I checked the radiator and no it hadn’t … then I remembered my magnet!!! It was still attached to my bed drawers!!! I grabbed it and put it back on and my body regulated the heat within minutes I swear I am not imagining it … I don’t know how this works but it has!!! I have even noticed the vivid dreams I was having are gone I can’t guarantee this will work for you but it has for me so far 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ladycare helped me sail through an early menopause. I was even asked to do a commercial for it, in London, because I wrote such a glowing letter of thanks to them. Don't use it now but it totally relieved my symptoms. An excellent product. My dog is now old with arthritis and she wears the dog collar and I believe it is helping her too. xxx
Sue Faulkner