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Be more open about Menopause

It’s Time to Be More Open About Menopause

We’ve all been there; kept something bottled up only to find it made things worse. The moment we share how we’re feeling with someone, suddenly a planet-sized weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Chatting about menopause to our friends, family and even strangers, can be so therapeutic. So why then, do so many of us avoid the subject?

A huge number of women feel embarrassed by the fact that they are going through menopause. For various reasons, such as, they are embarrassed by their symptoms and feel as though other women are coping better. In other cases, women feel like admitting they are menopausal makes them appear somehow older. On the flip side, a huge number of women approach menopause with acceptance, open to discussion and sharing. Let’s get something clear; menopause is a natural occurance that happens to EVERY woman at some point in their lives. Why should any of us feel ashamed by something that makes us no different to anyone else? When you put it like that, it really shines some perspective on the situation, don’t you think?

Starting menopause earlier than your peers, is also nothing to feel embarrassed about. Every body is slightly different, it doesn’t make you ‘older’ than any of your other same-aged friends, just because you hit menopause first. Look at the positives, you might be the person your friends can come to for advice and support down the line.

Being more open about menopause will make you feel ten times better! Honestly, that’s all we need sometimes; someone to chat to, someone who understands what we’re going through. That old saying ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’, couldn’t be more true. Here are some common reasons why people keep their feelings bottled up, often leading to depression and anxiety:

  • Some women don’t want to be seen as a burden to their friends or family. (News-flash! – That’s what they’re there for! A good friend should be your support system; willing to listen to your problems and help you work through them. In many cases, your close friends might even feel offended if they thought you couldn’t go to them with your problems).
  • Some women feel as though their symptoms are far worse, uncommon & more embarrassing than anyone else’s. (We consider ourselves experts when it comes to menopause, and we can assure you that even the most embarrassing symptoms are very common. More people suffer from vaginal dryness, incontinence and hot flushes than you can imagine).
  • Some women don’t know how to start a conversation about menopause, because their Mother’s never spoke about it to them. (You’ve just got to be blunt and approach the topic head on. Sit down with them, grab a coffee and get it out in the open.)

If you can’t talk to relatives or friends straight away, perhaps start with a stranger. Surely talking to a stranger would be even more difficult? Well actually, this is not always the case. Social media is a great place to start the discussion, because there is already a global conversation happening around menopause every day. Here at LaBalance, we actively get involved in that conversation and encourage more menopause related chat from women everywhere. Not only will you find women talking about their experience with LaBalance, it’s also a space to share. Whether that’s laughing together about those darn hot flushes, or sharing weight loss tips. Simply check out our Facebook page, or start tweeting with #menopausechat.