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Hysterectomy & Surgical Menopause

A hysterectomy will result in a woman becoming menopausal at an earlier age than usual. For many years Ladycare Plus has been helping women who have undergone a hysterectomy.

The Surgery

Broadly speaking the surgery will be either a hysterectomy or an oophorectomy. In all cases your periods will stop and you will no longer be able to become pregnant.

In the case of an oophorectomy where the ovaries are removed, you will immediately become menopausal, post-surgery. If the ovaries have not been removed as part of the hysterectomy, you will become menopausal any time up to 5 years following the surgery.

This early menopause will give you the same symptoms as any normally occurring menopause.

Oophorectomy & Early Menopause

After an oophorectomy you will go through early menopause regardless of your age. This is because menopause happens when the ovaries stop producing oestrogen and progesterone hormones. If the ovaries are removed, then you will no longer ovulate and you will no longer produce hormones, so your body will go into immediate menopause.

Often, symptoms after an oophorectomy can be more severe, due to the very abrupt start of menopause so this is something you might want to prepare for if you are about to have an oophorectomy hysterectomy.

A hysterectomy should not cause early menopause because your ovaries are still regulating hormones and still releasing eggs. Your periods will stop once the womb has been removed, but this does not mean you will go through menopause straight away. It can be more difficult to tell when you eventually do start menopause, since menstruation will no longer be an indication.

Typically you will go through menopause around the normal age, mid-late 40’s or early 50’s. However, some women who have had a hysterectomy do experience premature menopause by 1-2 years.

Symptoms You May Experience

This study was prompted by anecdotal reports that menopausal symptoms were significantly improved whilst wearing LadyCare. Dr Nyjon Eccles decided to explore this further by conducting a survey to assess these effects with a larger group of women.

508 women experiencing the perimenopause or menopause responded to an advert placed in the Daily Mail offering a free trial of LadyCare. Subjects were asked to report the duration of their symptoms and to rate them on a scale of 0 to 5 (with 0 indicating no symptoms and 5 indicating severe symptoms) prior to using LadyCare and after one, two and three months of using LadyCare continuously.

The survey found that across the group, participants reported that the following menopause symptoms were significantly reduced:

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