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Have You Lost Your Mojo?

Have You Lost Your Mojo?

Mojo is described in the dictionary as ‘a magic charm, talisman, or spell.’ In any movie with magic powers we know all too well that when they are taken away, things are not so good. In everyday life we are, of course, referring to our own lively and positive spirit, our ‘get up and go’. Some of us might describe is as the part of us that makes us … well… us. It makes sense then that when it’s gone, you feel as though you’ve lost yourself. Sadly, this is an all-too-common occurrence as we approach and go through menopause.

Menopause is rarely described as a walk in the park. When was the last time you heard someone say that they were finding menopause easier than expected? Although these women do exist, to most of us they appear few and far between.

Unfortunately, anxiety and depression are common symptoms and side-effects of menopause. Depleting estrogen and progesterone levels can leave our autonomic nervous system unbalanced, resulting in many symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings. With all these changes in our body and emotional state, it’s no wonder we become low.

How to Get Your Mojo Back

It might seem a long way off now, but you can get back to the place you used to be. The first port of call is to address the most concerning issues first. Are hot flushes leaving you unable to function? Is vaginal dryness ruining your sex life? There are some obvious things you can do to limit discomforts; wearing light clothing, carrying a hand-held fan. If you’ve stumbled on this blog and you’ve never heard of LaBalance, we might just be about to change your life. LaBalance is a small discreet device which is worn under your clothes, attached to your under-garments. It has been effective at reducing 24 different symptoms of menopause for up to 71% of women. How does it work? It re-balances your autonomic nervous system and restores equilibrium in the body.

After you’ve addressed your symptoms you will probably find that things get easier straight away. The reports we have had from women when talking about the LaBalance device speaks for itself:

“Been wearing LaBalance magnet products since September last year and the results are amazing, went over to LaBalance in December and I feel 10-15 years younger…amazing results just amazing” – Sue (Facebook)

“Well, to me it has been a total change, because l was losing my hair, my skin was dry, I didn’t have any energy and those awful hot flushes! On top of that my joint pain… I was mad all the time! Now I am a new person, thanks to LaBalance. I can’t thank them enough.. God Bless you, you’re a lifesaver. I’ve only been using LaBalance for 7 months, so ladies if you’re suffering from all of this, I recommend LaBalance for you. I love it.” – Grimelda