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LaBalance - Frequently Asked Questions

Take the heat off by finding the answers to our most frequently asked questions and if you can’t find the answer, our customer care team is always ready to help. Contact the team @

How do I wear LaBalance by Sassy La Femme?

It’s so easy, and you’ll forget you’ve even got it on!  The device has two parts, a large magnetic curved disc, and a smaller directional device.  Just pull the two sections apart and place the larger disc onto the inside of your underwear, (thong, knickers, G string etc.,) next to your body. The other smaller disc places onto the outside of your underwear so the two parts are held firm.  Ideally the device should sit 4” from your belly button in any direction.

Do the same at night if you wear underwear but we know not everyone does.  So, instead, connect the two parts and placing the larger one against your body and the smaller facing outwards and tape the pair directly to your skin.  Always include the small, round button because it’s the important bit as this piece directs the magnetism.

In the shower, you could wear a wound protection patch because they’re shower proof (many high street Chemists stock these) or just take it off during showering and put it back afterwards.

Can I exercise while wearing LaBalance by Sassy La Femme?

Of course! Wearing the device should not affect any activity. Quite the contrary.
One word of warning, you may prefer to remove the device before swimming as it might become irretrievably lost in the water.

When could I feel the benefits of the device?

Wear the device for the full, three-month period.
Anecdotally many women using the device tell us they start to feel the benefits within 48 hours onwards. Whereas others report feeling much improved by the end of three months.

We’d say to get the best out of your LaBalance it’s really important to wear it 24/7 for a full three months. But if it is not helping you, we offer a 100% no quibble, money back guarantee. Simply return the device, in its original packaging with your receipt, within 90 days of purchase.

I’ve dropped my LaBalance by Sassy La Femme in water – do I need to replace it?

Your LaBalance is a strong little device it’s really robust!  All the seams are ultrasonically welded, and this ensures it is waterproof. We’ve even had reports of it surviving washing machine accidents but try and avoid them.

How does LaBalance by Sassy La Femme keep its power?

The device should not lose its magnetism within 2 years as minimum, however, external influences can impact on its magnetic performance

Could LaBalance help after hysterectomy, or oophorectomy?

Post hysterectomy users claim LaBalance has helped reduce their symptoms 

Does LaBalance work differently when you are perimenopausal or fully menopausal?

Perimenopause is the transitional period before a woman becomes fully menopausal.  During this stage, it’s entirely normal for periods to be erratic and once a woman hasn’t had a period for a full twelve months, she’s considered as fully menopausal.  We’ve created a dedicated section all about the perimenopause to help you.

Users tell us they have found LaBalance to be effective at all stages of menopause.

Should I be concerned about using LaBalance by Sassy La Femme if I’ve had or have breast cancer, or have breast cancer in my family?

The device has no reported side effects, but of course ask your medical practitioner if you would like their advice. Since first lunched 18 years ago, there have been no reported adverse effects on breast, cervical or uterine health.

I’m on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) – can I still use LaBalance by Sassy La Femme?

Yes – you can still use LaBalance while on HRT.  If you decide to stop taking HRT, please consult with your doctor first.  We are not advocating LaBalance as a direct alternative to HRT. Some customers feel well enough to only use the device, but others use both. They do not conflict.

I’ve lost my button – can I get it replaced?

Yes, no problem, just visit our online shop here to get a replacement.

Can I use LaBalance by Sassy La Femme if I wear a pacemaker or defibrillator?

Our Advice with any serious or other medical condition, or concern, is to contact your GP or medical healthcare professional for advice.

We know of no determinantal effects from using the LaBalance with pacemakers or defibrillators. If you wear a pacemaker you will have been advised to take care when in close with microwaves, mobile phones and security scanners because they emit an alternating magnetic pole that can interrupt performance. However, LaBalance works differently because it emits a static, negative pole which has a different sphere of influence. However, we can also tell you many of our LaBalance customers wear pacemakers and to date, we haven’t received one single report of any adverse effects.

Can I wear LaBalance by Sassy La Femme with a Mirena coil or a copper coil?

Yes. You can wear a Mirena coil or copper coil with LaBalance. We’ve had phone calls from customers saying they were so delighted with the results of LaBalance helping their period symptoms that they decided to remove their Mirena coil!

I have a metal implant, will the LaBalance by Sassy La Femme affect it or cause an allergy/flare up an existing allergy?

LaBalance is encased within a plastic shell with ultrasonically welded seams. So, it shouldn’t have any detrimental effect on allergies, nor should it cause any allergies.  As far as metal implants, which are mostly titanium, they are non-magnetic so there shouldn’t be any issues. As always, if in doubt please check with your medical healthcare professional.

Do I wear LaBalance for life?

Plenty of women have told us  they keep wearing their device long after their symptoms have stopped.  There’s no evidence of harm in continuing to wear LaBalance.

Can I fly using my LaBalance by Sassy La Femme device?

Yes, you can fly, wearing your device.  However, you might want to remove it and pop it into your hand luggage before entering security checks because the scanners will detect it.  While the majority of airport security staff are aware of LaBalance, it might save you embarrassment if you simply take it off and replace it once you’re through security.

I’ve got a red mark on my skin just underneath where my LaBalance device is…

It’s rare – but it can happen!  If you’ve developed a red mark in your pelvic area, don’t worry, it’s usually simply because  increased blood-flow just under the skin.  It should disappear as your body adjusts to wearing it, and if the area’s a little sensitive, this too should disappear. If not, you will need to stop using and return it under out no quibble money back 90-day guarantee.

Is LaBalance safe to use with other treatments?

We receive many queries about using the LaBalance device with other treatments. Of course, we want you to be safe and we can confirm it is completely safe to use with the following:

Metal implants.
Mirena coils
Copper coils

It is also safe for breast cancer patients, during treatment and post-treatment. Should you have any questions about the safety of using LaBalance, please do not hesitate to contact your GP or health care professional.

My periods have stopped while on LaBalance by Sassy La Femme, is this normal?

 Yes, it’s possible because as you approach menopause your periods become lighter and more irregular, eventually stopping entirely.  This is the perimenopause phase; you reach menopause once you’ve stopped having periods for 12 months.

Is it normal to bleed during use of LaBalance by Sassy La Femme?

The LaBalance device will not interfere with your menstrual cycle, so it is possible to still have periods when using a LaBalance and even spot or bleed if you’re recently menopausal.  Spotting can occur on rare occasions within the first 12 months after your periods stop.

What about having irregular bleeding – or heavy bleeding?

Progesterone is mainly secreted by the corpus luteum in the ovary during the second half of the menstrual cycle. It plays an important role in the menstrual cycle. Heavy and irregular bleeding is a consequence of a natural reduction of progesterone and a symptom of the transition to menopause (and also perimenopause).

Users have told us it can help with these symptoms and reduce the blood loss. As always if you are worried about any changes, please consult your GP or healthcare professional.

Can LaBalance by Sassy La Femme help give my sex life a boost?

We have customers who claim their waning libido has returned. In most cases, a lower libido during menopause is due to decreased hormone levels in particular natural phytoestrogens. These decreased hormone levels in turn lead to vaginal dryness and tightness, which can cause pain during sexual intercourse. Menopause symptoms can also make you less interested in sex.

Can LaBalance by Sassy La Femme help me lose weight and reduce bloating?

With reference to bloating,  many thrilled customers tell us that after using LaBalance for several weeks, they no longer suffer with bloating, and a few tell us they have even lost weight!

Can LaBalance by Sassy La Femme be worn by women of any size or weight?

Yes – it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, any woman can wear it

Why has my LaBalance device stopped working?

Sometimes, it might feel like it’s no longer working and that can be due to a variety of factors. Factors such as issues causing stress (family, finance, health), or other medical events impacting on your normal health systems.

Whilst you may not know the cause, we strongly suggest removing the LaBalance device just for 21 days. During that time, your body should return to its pre-LaBalance status. At the end of 21 days wear your LaBalance device as if for the first time and it should respond as it did the first time.

How strong is LaBalance?

Your device is powered by magnets which are extremely robust.

A magnet gets its field when microscopic magnetic areas, called domains, line up in the same direction. When the domains cooperate, the magnet’s field is the sum of all the microscopic fields in it. If the domains fall into disorder, the individual fields cancel out, leaving the magnet weaker.

No magnet is completely permanent. Heat, sharp impacts, stray magnetic fields and other magnet influences can all rob a magnet of its magnetic field, so the device itself is no longer effective.

Are there any other LaBalance by Sassy La Femme products?

We are busy working hard behind the scenes to bring you more incredible products by Sassy La Femme so watch this space because we’re going to be launching an entire collection for women at all different stages of life.