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I'm Angela Day-Moore

Let Me Tell You My Story

Being 54 years young, I’m in the height of my menopause, and was feeling like I had been run over by a steam train! With the HRT weight gain and mood swings I felt that I had no control over my body. I started to wear my LadyCare magnet at the beginning of this year.

Within a few weeks, I noticed a decrease in my hot flushes, smoother sleep patterns and many of my symptoms started to dis- appear. In my third month, by balancing my Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), virtually all my symptoms had subsided! It’s truly amazing. After six months they had all gone.

It’s a wonderful natural alternative with a two-year guar- antee and I have introduced a 90-day money back guarantee – so long as you wear it every day, allowing your body to balance naturally

LadyCare will help so many women who are strug- gling with the menopause. In fact, there are over one million women in the UK already wearing theirs!

Your ANS may take up to 12 weeks to become fully effective. If you are unfortunate and it doesn’t work, Sassy La Femme will reimburse you.*

Most women (over 80%) will notice a huge difference within the first 21 days, but you must wear it 24/7!

If you have any questions please email:
Angela x