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50 great things about being 50 years old

50 Fabulous Things About Turning 50!

Are you dreading turning 50? Well, there’s absolutely no need, if you ever needed a reason to embrace your 50th birthday here’s 1.. And 49 others!

  1. You have a deeper appreciation for life and the things around you. An appreciation that can only come with age.
  2. We tend to be much less critical of our bodies in our 50’s.
  3. We stop caring so much about what other people think.
  4. Life can become more spontaneous because the chances are your children are growing up and moving out of the house.
  5. You know what your body needs and are probably living a healthier lifestyle for it!
  6. It’s true – with age comes wisdom and you have turns of it as you head into your fifties.
  7. You will find it easier to forgive others and yourself, compared to 10 years ago.
  8. You only have the people in your life that you want there.
  9. Your relationships with friends are strong and built over years and years, this really is something special.
  10. You can recreate yourself without fear of judgement. We often hold back on this for fear of what others think.
  11. You have more confidence in your opinions and values.
  12. More and more people will come to you for advice, which is a great feeling.
  13. You quickly realise that 50 isn’t ‘old’ at all.
  14. Saying no to things becomes easier.
  15. You don’t worry about the small things as much
  16. You are the most influential and powerful you have ever been
  17. You can say and do exactly what you want to and you have an excuse!
  18. There is nothing left to learn the hard way
  19. Menopause can bring you closer to your friends if you let it
  20. You learn to push past your personal comfort levels
  21. By now you have more disposable income
  22. You know exactly which beauty products work for you!
  23. You’re far less prone to acne.
  24. You learn to move on from things quickly.
  25. You truly find inner happiness.
  26. You learn that life itself can be healing.
  27. You have more compassion.
  28. Your immune system should be quite strong by now – so that means fewer colds!
  29. You can finally get passionate about something other than your children, time to revisit an old love.
  30. You have more time to travel (without the kids!)
  31. Things that were strange in your younger years are now perfectly acceptable
  32. You know exactly what fashion styles work on your body
  33. You can look back on your younger years without fear of digital evidence!
  34. You value time with family and friends over materialistic items.
  35. You know how healing downtime can be.
  36. You make more time for yourself and practise self-love
  37. You no longer have to worry about pregnancy
  38. Sex can be fantastic! You know exactly what you like.
  39. If you want to learn something completely new, family responsibilities are no-longer stopping you.
  40. You always know what you say to others in need, it’s a skill acquired over time.
  41. If not now, but soon, grandchildren could be on the way to fill your life in a different way.
  42. You can nap if you like and no-one will say a thing!
  43. Over 50’s get more discounts.
  44. Realising you know far more than you thought you did.
  45. Appreciating your Mother for who she is.
  46. Probably mortgage free or not far off!
  47. You can blame things on your ‘forgetfulness’ and that will be perfectly acceptable.
  48. You start to create your own path rather than find one that fits in with you.
  49. You naturally take more risks.
  50. You realise how young you really are!

Pretty much, doing anything at 50 is far less stressful. You simply don’t care what other people think and you aren’t prepared to try and ‘fit in’ to other people’s ideas. There is a lot to be said about letting go and you certainly do a lot of that once you hit 50. What was the best thing for you about turning 50? Did you fear your 50th birthday or welcome it?